Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 Extensions...

Updated 2013-05-08

I'm not going to bring up the obvious extensions like ReSharper, CodeRush, NuGet or Sourcecode Control Providers.

This one's for the "unknown" extensions...

It started almost 30 years ago with a boy growing up in the middle of nowhere. There where a lot of trees and a lot of grass and almost no computers anywhere.
I didn't start my career with punch cards or anything like that, don't get me wrong but that's ancient.
How ever IBM Dos 2.16 isn't far from punch cards compared to an iPhone.

But I digress..

What I wanted to say is, find the fun stuff in life; I know I have and that's writing code.

So, to have more time to write code you use tools that makes every keystroke count.
I like Visual Studio, but there is always room for improvment...

Here is my favorite Visual Studio Extensions in alphabetical order:

 What's yours?